For Peteris Cedrins about communism

Why not mankurt is Western men based on American “democracy“ like Henry?

The pain was not before. It appeared only know and the reason is not “lack of democracy“ or “freedom“, but vice versa – lack of communism. As social system it is more human than all your “rights to live+rights to work+etc“. In communism was no rights, thats true, nobody thing about that. But was possibilities for everybody to all this stuff, which you are defending now by rights. It is a very big difference. Give to men a job, a house and that is possibility to have a family and he will piss onto all what you are calling “rights“. Who have all this stuff in your Western democratic world? Some percents. Who has all this stuff in USSR? Everybody. Apologists like Adamkus’ accomplice Vidas Zvinys from New Jersey will start to cry immediately ¨Nobody will give you anymore!“ May I ask you why? And if not, then why communism is worse than Western “democracy“, despite that communism gave to people more? Your Western “democracy“ killed people no less than Soviets in Stalin ruling.

Peteris Cedrins answered:

“You call those “men“? You could say the same for slaves, or even cattle. Hey — animals at the zoo have nice homes, jobs (being on exhibit, like _udarniki_), and the possibilities of having families. They have zookeepers, too. Ever hear of dignity?…“

Ha ha ha ha! What to add here any more? Probably nothing. Горбатово только могила исправит.


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