The simply racism

A niger has dead and his soul came to paradise. A niger asks St.Peter near the gates to let him inside.

“Fuck off, niger!“,- St.Peter shouted.
“You must let me inside please. Jesus said that all people are equal against him!
I know my rights for a sake! I made a good jobs on Earth!“,- a niger started to deal.
“What kind of good jobs you did on Earth?“,- St.Peter amazed.
“I gave a 80 dollars for a charity!“
“Hold on. I must to consult.“,- said St.Peter and went to Jesus for advice.
“Hello my Lord!“,- St.Peter started,- “There is a niger knocking to the gates. He is asking to…“.
“Fuck him off!“,- Jesus did not let him to finish.
“I told him, but he said that he has a right to get in. He did a good jobs on Earth…“.
“What kid of good jobs he did on Earth?“,- Jesus asked amazed to St.Peter.
“He gave a 80 dollars for a charity“, – St.Peter answered.
“Hmm…“,- Jesus fall to reflections for a moment. Then he took a 80 dollars from a valet, gave it to St.Peter and said,- “You know, Peter… Give him back these 80 dollars and let he fuck off!“


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