My IQ test score

Were found a note to IQ test in Google Groups Henry Alminas’ post with zoological Russo-phobic (as usually) note about intellect of Russians. I was scared of suspicions about IQ of mine due a big amount offers from Lithuanian posters with liberal pro-Adamkus views to check my head, etc and decided to make sure what is going on about that myself. By head I understand mental health, reason or intellect. So were typed “IQ test“ in Google and first link came OK. offered me a test and warned about difficulties dues my non-English speaking nature. After 10 USD payment a certificate arrived. So, results came and here they are. (The last name of mine is erased due political situation). No idea how big is 107, but no doubt that Bach’s Matthaus Passion tunes during the test gave a big stimuli. The test itself is nothing too serious, but if such kind of test is real testing method of Americans, I’m really worry what a hell people they are.



  1. mil
    Posted sausio 25, 2009 at 19:40 | Permalink | Atsakyti

    mano 117
    bet kažkur internete…

  2. Andrius
    Posted sausio 26, 2009 at 17:26 | Permalink | Atsakyti

    Pakol jauni, visi protingi. Po to pradedame durnėti nuo tėvų sukurto gyvnenimo. Laisvoje Lietuvoje.

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