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Lisbon Treaty v. 2 is coming soon and some another points arrived together: Ireland become emigrating back. Some digits from Irish Times:


******** Immigrants: 57,300 ********
******** Emmigrants: 65,100 *******
******** NET SALDO: - 7,800 ********

Wow! 7, 800 heads! And that is only per month! What happened in Shamrock’s country which always were presented as symbol of success? Even bastard George Bush expressed that Ireland become an example how to tackle poverty and hopeless (and homeless). Thinks are quite simply to understand. In some words: a magic trick of magician Bertie Ahern has finished. THE END, like in movies. By spending more five years in Dublin streets and worst places I had a chats with locals about the life in the State. Lets say truth: there is nothing to talk about a life in this State. Proposed and promoted “democracy“ were and is a boy toy, proved it’s impotency since the creation. Poverty and hopeless become something natural attributes of Ireland (rather its “democracy“). Right, I’m not blaming Ireland for that, because a poverty could not be a subject of mockery. But yesterdays beggars got fulla pockets of money could be ridiculous sometimes, lets agree with that. So, a slogan were proposed “Ireland is the best place to live!“. Lets go back for a some.

Thinks were far to the perfect for a long time. Maybe too long, until the magician Bertie Ahern came. Bertie made a big job. I never were in Ireland before and never has read about it in books of history. For me were amazing to find that in Ireland part of the State is in state of OCCUPATION. Never were a talks about that in Lithuanian SSR and later, after the my State were destroyed by “democracy“. And, of course people. Irish. The history of the State on their faces. Right, Irish are not nervous, because they has haven’t a vital energy for that, but, finally, smiles came to their faces and that is good. Because, it is good to smile in the circus. It is pleasant to see always smiling Berties face. Ah, nice performance were made! But, people forgot soon that it was a performance only. They evicted magician later! Fantastic stupidity(?) or irresponsibility? Oh, Irish become part of civilized world finally. They became consumers and consumed a own enjoyer Bertie. Perhaps, it is a destiny of every big man. (What Soviets made with Stalin? Similarly!)
European democracy
So, one day, when Ireland’s daddy Bertie were buried, Lisbon Treaty has came. Nobody know what is that, and, thanks to another smart Irish, a case has been clarified for a some. (During all time the State kept itself busy on immigration mockery and kept a foreground mat “Make Ireland your home!“ – Irish never were able to cohabit together, so it was necessary to redirect they bad attitudes onto foreigners.) French Sarkozy told after: “Irish made a bad thing!“. Folks said then: “What a hell? We have a right! (Of course, they kept in mind “We have a money!“). Irish forget one thing: that it was Ahern’s made money. But, due to that magician has been buried (not too much people knows what is Ahern’s opinion about Lisbon Treaty), folks gonna to make an order required. Because, they still have a money, so they can to pay for it.

Right, some conclusion. Due Irish “democracy“ proved impotency, it is good to say “YES“. The changes is necessary to survive. But, due protection of national identity, magician Ahern’s created national prosperity (pardon for forget to clarify: “For Ahern’s creation Ireland as a global off-shore zone“) and some other well known positive things, for a sake, say “NO“. While considering, some stats about migration might give a good clue: a new well known old trend has begin.


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