Fraud by Emma Skelly

Smart blondie beauty Emma Skelly ordered to paint a house in 1 Kilvere Park, Cypress Downs, Templeoque, Dublin 6 at 20th of August 2007. We agreed to paint a house and agreed the price of that. She and her friend for inter exchanging for sexual services Adrian Cahill choose a perfect colors Tallow Nr. 203 and Dorset Cream from Farrow & Ball. After half house has been painted Emma Skelly slapped half money for a painting and informed me that she with and her friend for inter echxanging sexual services Adrian Cahill decided to move to abroad, drooped a house keys and said in with pseudo-quiet voice tone that her father Edvard Skelly will pay after painting will be finished and made sure that I can trust to that.

Edvard Skelly tried to made an impression of a pleasant man. He always was near in observing the painting. Edvard Skelly was happy to buy more paint for yard’s wall painting when it finished. Edvard proudly informed me that he going to pub for drinking at evenings. But after painting has been done and the time to pay arrive, Edward Skelly changed his mind – he took an offensive position and, suddenly, started to prove me, that everything that has been done by me – is done bad, that “oirish painters“ does not do that, while all problems was about cleaning of floors – they become greasy after Edward Skelly removed centerpieces from ceilings, and left a good piece of rubbish in evening. Perhaps he thought that I must to clean after him. Two days later he unsuccessfully tried to fill a hole. All this time I has wait until he will finish.

But all this troubles was only a smoke to eyes as it become clear later. He does not intended to pay. Edvard’s main aim was to get back the keys from the house and to kick me off.

Text in Edvard Skely’s ‘Invoice’. Edvard Skelly was not finally stupid. He understood that later a some questions could arise for her daughter and, to avoid of that and to secure Emma Skelly, Edvard Skelly wrote an “Invoice“ which was presented for me to sign it under the offensive psychological pressure. He did not cary that in his handwritten “Invoice“ was not amount even – that does matter for Edvard Skelly, especially when there was not intention to pay.

Farrow and Ball

And when I took to hands this “Invoice“ I finally understood what is going on and decided to ring to Emma Skelly to make sure about what is going on. Emma made amazing voice, assured that a pay will be made and has a chat with a father. Everything continued in the same aggressive manner after a chat has been finished. Finally, I decided to make a second call to Emma for clarification point of view and left a house. Edvard find me later in the part and put some instruments were left into my hand. Then he came back to house and ring to police informing that keys were not returned by mine. Police officer rang me but there were nothing about to talk too much.

Later, I tried to contact with Emma Skelly during two weeks to sort it off. After we get into a touch, she explained me that money will not be paid because keys were not returned. Were not another way, just put this story onto my website. The most interesting thing has happened later. Emma Skelly got a place of ORACLE Application Server Administrator job position at IBM France at that time. She asked to remove this web page after a story were found in Internet, but she rejected to talk about a debt. Emma Skelly tried to insist that web page is kind of “slandering“. Of course, her requirement were rejected. Then Emma Skelly wrote a well made letter to hosting company were my website were hosted and scums blocked an access to my website. They explained me that blocking has been made due Emma’s letter.

Right, a story has gone. A losses made my Emma Skelly were not very big – 600 € only. But I’m amazing about one thing – WHO CAN TRUST FOR EMMA SKELLY SUPERUSER PASSWORD, WHILE SHE IS NOT ABLE TO PAY FOR OWN HOUSE-SOHO PAINTING EVEN?

Caption of screenshot from Emma Skelly's Linkedin site.


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