Why Joanne Whelan Got Into Big Shit

Some questions might arise, why slut Joanne Whelan, well made Suttonian from Howth, Dublin got into big shit? Joanne is a Media Production student in Colaste Dhulaigh. Joanne was very bad developed by father. Her father, a State business boss forgot one thing: that daughters personal development is not a business development. Joanne’s father attracts money from the foreign companies. He made Ireland like prostitute, where all Irish hires own body and lives for that. That is why slut Joanne Whelan once tried to force me to work: “You should work! You should work!“, despite, that all whole life Joanne did not work any. Joanne just tried to implement onto me her fathers working model. Oh, smarty! Just why she is not a business executive as well?

Maybe, Joannes father dreams, that the State should provide a personal funding for Joanne’s personal development. Maybe not. But fact is that Joannes father become a Joannes Pride’s object what is common. But the point is that Joanne did not know that her father does not make any money: he just trying to get investors to the State; in other words: he collects money of others. (Because Irish are generally poor, there is nothing what to take from them.) He receives a big salary for that. Why Irish can not to make money itself? Because they do not wanna to work. And do not know how to work. And do not know what to do.

Joannes behaviors style is that when persons coming to casual communications, they tries to make a maximum harm for each other and in case of loosing situation – they tries to leave another one with maximum damages.

And here slut Joanne Whelan has made a made a bug: she did not know that similar model is suitable for dirty economy only, but not for personal life developing. She does not know, that understanding close relations is not a investing to the economy and that foreign companies does not means the same as foreign lovers: you can not only gain a dividends or taxes from them. That is biggest her fault as well as her father. (Mother means not too much in her family because family seems primitive patriarchal.) Finally a big crisis came to Joannes life due misunderstanding meanings of things and her father found only one solution how to tackle with it: he pulled own daughter the mental hospital; he decided that problem is only inside her. She is a sick! Good daddy! Molodec! He feed by poison own daughter and thinks that it is OK for… tss.. family economy, ha ha ha! As result he got a temporary solution of “success“, but… he forget that all whole “system“ become spoiled due “repairing“ and about factor of time; that he never will get a grandsons from beloved daughter and finding of husband or permanent partner might be problematic as well: who will take risks to take her?

That is a result when “business development model“ gets implemented into personal life. It is not a crisis of business or family “system“. It is general fiasco of system. And that is why word “a bug“ appeared In Joanne’s Twitter account name. Unfortunately, kids must to carry a consequences of parents mistakes and debts.

Solution from this crisis might be one: a general changing point of view into relations with environment and rapid implementing of left wing style relationships. At age of 35 becomes quite complicated of changing matures person’s inner world, but efforts always gives a change.



  1. Algirdas
    Posted gegužės 8, 2010 at 13:36 | Permalink | Atsakyti

    Do you mean that Irish are White Niggers?

    • Posted gegužės 8, 2010 at 14:09 | Permalink | Atsakyti

      Exactly true! How do you think why in pubs of Hollyhead and other surrounds of UK were posters on pubs “No Irish and dogs aloud inside“. It is not a mockery for a humans. It is because well known improper behavior of “shamrocks“. Were a perfect article in Russian Journal No. 2 “Archaic condition“ where were described a condition of mind group of people who were under big pression for al long time due poverty and other needs, like in jails, lagers etc. Point is that their consciousness (ego) dissapearing and their behavior becomes driven especially by sub-consciousness (id). It is very interesting, because a lot of rudiments of human behavior possible to find in this kind of group what is invisible in civilized continental world. Long time cohabiting is quite difficult. Irish is probably the most known nation which never were able cohabit together. Average Irish IQ is 55 probably. They are not gonna to start move itself. They are live in close micro-world fully depending from foreign corporations like native mother, who feeds them. Fear is in-avoidable in this situation. Social infrastructure is very poor here. People just have nothing what to do here as were the same here for an ages.

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