Why Joanne Whelan Have Not Children

Well known Joanne Whelan @JoooneBug has mentioned in Tweeter pregnancies. Right, a question might arrive, why Joanne still have no a babies at age of 35, despite to perfect physical data and condition, while Dublin North Side girls usually gets pregnant at age of 16 (latest one) and abortions in Ireland are prohibited? Some reasonable answers might be found. Joanne has born in Sutton which kind of top class residential area (but do not mind that Howth is the same. Perhaps, that is only Howth Summit one.), where pregnant girls were able to reach UK shore for abortion. Perhaps Joanne made abortion and become unable for a pregnancy? I have no a right for such kind of approach.

But I have another explanation, which is more trusty from my point of view.

Joanne is a first child in Whelans family and, of course, most beloved and wanted. It is natural. Irish woman are very fruity (I know personally 2 woman witch 12 children family) and Whelans family become bigger and bigger. Joanne was (!) very attracted to father, and, I more than sure, much more to father than to mother. But, a well know problem arrived later, when Joanne become teenager: she find that father is not able to provide her attention enough for her as before, as a new kids came to the family. She become angry onto father and, she start to try find compensation of fathers attention between Sutton boys. Must mention, that Joanne has born as a very strong kid. Finally, she got into closed circle in finding father attention outside the house. As result, specific pattern has been created between Joanne-father-teenager boys behavior. Joanne become addicted to boys, which become a second father, father become quiet and boys, of course, always happy. Nobody explained Joanne about family basics. Her behavior formed something like that father and father-second part in face of boys and total feeling security of life were find. Joanne never created strong bonds with her boyfriends, as he find that it is not necessary – she was fully and well sustained by father, which does not paid too much attention for daughter about personal issues, bet well feed her by money. There is a big suspect that Joannes father were not interested in strong daughter’s relations with man due envy; I should call that envy “Fritzl Syndrome“. Some time later crisis came – Joanne find again that father is not able to provide attention necessary for mature girl and no continuing attention source were made for personal life: one night adventures were not capable to solve mental needs. She become a girl seeking something with not clear understanding what that something is for. As result, she was repelled by men society and crisis came to the life. The last one chance to create strong relations, which were vital necessary for her, was effort to create relations with me, which, again were rejected in rude manner, then natural regression began, and for Joanne has left only one chance to find a friend in more and more younger age group men – the last her boyfriend seen by mine were age of 18-20; now she studying in college of further education where again, mainly 16-20 y youngsters. Will she able create family from youngsters from such kind of age group? Perhaps. But will she able to birth a baby at age 35 y? Doubt.

The brutal realty of life that when we creating perspectives of own life, we very often forget about most important factor of life – a time.

From Monteverdi's opera "Il ritorno d'Ulisse di patria"

From Monteverdi's opera "Il ritorno d'Ulisse di patria"



  1. Kęstas
    Posted gegužės 23, 2010 at 22:38 | Permalink | Atsakyti

    Nesuprantu, ko tu prie tos Joanne prisikabinai? Kerštas?

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