Hidden Joanne’s Whelan Dangers

A lot of from us knows well how unpleasant are contacts with heroin abducted. A close, friendly type relantions with heroin consumers might cause a serious distress and frustration very quickly and become a tragedy for whole family. I know that from my relations with classmate. Heroin causes mainly central nervs system stimulation, which results an enormous pleasure, compared with sexual in the back spinal brain sphere.

Also, is known well, how serious distress might cause a close cohabiting with hash or marihuana consumers. Hash or marihuana consuming causes a outer shell of brain relaxation that releases concentrated in head tention through evaporation, instead of natural way through blood and capillar system circulation optimisation. Relaxation of outer shell of brain causes impossibility to keep a targeted attention later, in older ages, which results a hyper-sensivity, that became a trouble for consumer and close to consumer persons. UK Health Board recently announced that hash and marichuania to be increased to Class B from Class C. Not without a reason. I has an opportunity some times to live with long time hash and marichuana consumers and can to admit that it is a hell to live with them, despite that their outer appearance and behaviour might seem very quite from at first sight. A solution of troubles could be only one: removing of users for a secure distancy.

These pains of society (or fruits of democracy) are psychotropic stuff. Similarly, like other type of drugs called “antidepressants“. It is not innocent drugs, what might appear from a first sight. All of antidepressants affects brain system. Behaviour of person using antidepressant or antipsychotic drugs become unpredictable from two point of view:

  1. Nobody knows how antidepressant treated person will behave in future. There is no doubt, that his inner pshychic world will not be restored into previous condition; it is simply impossible.
  2. Nobody knows how affects persons contacted for a longer time with antidepresant treated people: no doubt that antidepressant treated patients are affected in similar way like heroin and hash consumers. It is worth to say, that antidepressant treated persons are much more dangerous due unknown dangers mentioned higher.

So, shall we stay secure after close relations with antdidepressant treated patient? From my relations with maniac depression suffering Joanne Whelan, I should accept that no. I like description of depression printed in Times magazine “Depression is a lack of love“. That is a medical description. Depressive persons lacks of human attention and understanding what is almost impossible to get in the Western Europe. They need it as a vital substance to get back into normal condition and regeneration of body. Main problem is that pshychotropic drug causes a very serious and unpredictable changes in pshychic of patient: they behaviour become unpredictable due changes of their condition of inner world or mind. That means, that close relations with drug treated persons should avoided as much as possible, leaving them for a attention of pshichiatrs or pharmachy business bossess or other professional prepared persons. I like mine description of depression that it is “inner oriented aggression“. All what you need is release a concentrated energy in suitable way and form. Change of social environment very often is necessary. If there is no organic reasons, treating of this kind of depression is quite easy, but might complicated in case of start use antidepressants as perception of surrounding world are decreased.

Depression is a big problem, but it might be solved. It is solved by by change attention and position to environment; first at off – relations with closest persons. Blind believing that “magic tablet“ will change all world is irresponsible and funny. Remeber, that heroin were sold in pharmacies of UK, after it were created. Persons accepting to take a first tablet always should note that it might be first nail to own coffin.

As for Joannes Whelan from Howth accident, I must to say one: yes, true, that there are a serious reasons why she got seriously sick. These reasons to be explained later. (The most obvious is improper attention of her father to a daughter, he did not worry about a daughter too much.) But she has had not any organic disfunctins, as her physical condition find in SFX Theatre Production course might be described as very good.

Most important thing is that providing a human attention to antidepressant and psychotic drug treated person, like were with Joanne Whelan accident, very often migh not be reasonable as too late. In such kind of situation, a desease might affect similarly to infection diseases: a contamination is simply possible and resistance to troubled mind could be disrupted due strange changes in patients mind: a very often a person of goodwil might need a phychiatric help as well if he is weak or not reasonably prepared for a such kind of contacts. (I was not able to understand for a long time how my friend were able to define Joannes mind condition as “crazy“, while I only from outer specific appearence’s marks find that she serious suffering from depression. I rember her eyes on one of the first meeting which could cause a big frustration for googlers – similar were printed on photo in one of pshychogy books that I has read in the past with a note “A mania suffered woman“. After some mild words eyes returned to normal condition.) People, offered to use antidepressants or pulling own family members to mental hospitals should always know that later providing reasonable solution could be impossible, or too late. Pshichotropic is not an innocent stuff. It might affect them as well.


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