Joanne’s Whelan Place For Love

Some readers may ask where does live that bastardized crazy Joanne Whelan, where she sucks dicks of catched victims of men society and sinks down in the sea if their sperm? The answer is simply: she lives in the nest of her parents as at the age of 36 she was not retrieved by any or, sometimes, in Coolock in house of young alcoholic fuck buddy, caught by her, in Colaste Dhulagh probably, or in the sister’s house in the same Coolock. Must to say, that Joanne do not call her fuck-buddies caught in the places to visit her parents house now, to present them family nest which is really very well made (but not posh), just to asquaire a superiority against them and to pull into a bed. Joanne was very proud by her parents house, which is in Howth, a quite forgotten place, but due that in Southern part of Howth called Howth Summit resides persons kind of U2 singers and similar, where in yards are pads for helipops, in opposite part resides kind of wannabe to Summit residents. As Howth itself is a dead place where are only two small shops and a library, and where one attraction is the harbour and some restaurants. So, if the Howth Summit is kind of example of paradise, Howth is kind of dead place with no signs of life, except at weekends, when tourists arrives. The most attractive place — the clifs, again, are located in Summit. Below are presented satellite map with exact place of Joanne’s house that will help to understand the place.

If you feel that Joannes behavior is shamefull and disgracefull, you are welcome to write a letter by address:

Joanne Whelan
105 Howth Road
Dublin 13

with message like:
“Hello, Joanne! I know what you has done and want to say that you are shit.“ Or similar.


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