Dangers And Joys Of Real And Virtual Worlds

Best friends could be in realty only. When I was younger twice, were big joy to jump into night train to get into Sankt Peterburg, or somewhere to Ukraine. There were a lot of people has been met and that bring most imoportant part of journey – a joy. People were different: old, young, good, bad, bastards, criminals, family persons (I met them mainly in Ukraine). Meetings were always interesting, sometimes maybe danger, but always left a value for the life, understanding of life (I do not use word “experience“, because I hate this word. To experience is possible only senses of human and only in case if they agree for that.) As a general rule for that were keeping rules of human behaviour, that is, no fakes, lyes, pretending or panting. Still rememeber how in the train to somewhere in Ukraine very old lady asked for a glass of grape juice and said: “Thanks. I would never able to buy that juice.“, despite it were average drink. That is a way, how people should act in the life. That is rules suitable everywhere, even in Ireland, despite that some of local here thinks that they are something special, who aloud to behave like these for which in UK quite recently were posters “No Irish and dogs alloud“. Some USA beaches wants to ban Irish for similar behaviour at this summer. That is because pigs are everywhere. Polish, Irish or other. (Englishmen are the most polite in Europe, despite their social difficulties.)

Life is changing, amazing inventions were made and one of them, Internet changed the World creating a new type of society – infomation society. Some countries get into hudge economical changes due this phenomena; for Ireland that meant step from poverty to modern world as main corporations providing infrastructure for creation of information society were settled in there. All nodes of IP addresses were pointed to Ireland, similarly, humans from different countries started to flow to the country of Search Engine and Windows, consuming provided by locals Guinness, whiskey and circles of New Grande. When all these stuff came to Ireland, one day I came here and joined to Theatre Production Course, as abbreviation SFX found could be interesting for me. Now, let do some steps away.

Some weeks ago Chief of Baltic News Service Arturas Racas anounced that he do not know why it is necessary to use Twitter or Facebook. Due that Arturas Racas some time ago provided me invaluable reference “to take off a possibility for me to express myself in this common place“ what caused dosens of protests from other readers, I explained to Arturas why could be good Twitter for him, and why Facebook should be filled. Fact is that (Ch. Dickens) today we use Twitter or Facebook for one or another one reasons. We should to participate in that as it is part of information society. Information society changes lifes. Not all knows how to change it, not all happy when somebody change it. That is a matter of knowledge: how to change – to broke, to destroy, to create. Say, that I’m really happy to create a link with Niamh @StarGurlx, which pleases with tweets like “Thats Neeev“. But I hate cold ignoration of scumbags like Joanne Whelan @JoooneBug from Howth, Dublin. It is virtual links, similar like press or TV, just dual, with possibility to respond. As the virtual world is relatively close, we know each other very well and sometimes one could ask another one like or nooze, like @StarGurlx today:

Leave Joanne alone

Now, lets go back to SFX Theatre times. When I find its abbreviature in FAS, I subcounsousnelly felt that it could be very interesting. And that were true. The daily boring polishing with shoes of the stage, an auditorium and other places allowed to get into how performance or show to be made. Everything were interesting. One day a tragedy has came to the theatre and my life – Joanne Whelan. She looked like a broken ghost. Her head always were leaned down, she did not worry about others and her attendance were about 20-25 percents. I should accept that I find her interesting and nice from the first side, but inner feeling did not allowed me to get with her to close: I was fresh in Ireland and can not allowed myself to trust for local due language difficulties. To date her were not necessary for me, I was fulla in head by other problems, but on the third day she insisted in quite agressive manner for a meeting outside. I was amazed looked at her “WTF?“ but due her appearance were very nice, gave OK and we sit together at evening. She were sad, I were fucked due local Irish language on English dialect. Joanne admitted me that she is immediatelly from mental hospital and asked my reaction. As most of us are suffering due depression more or less, I did not find it as a problem for a relations. I spend three years in Lithianian Academy Of Sciences Library by reading books of psychology, pshychotherapies, sociology and politics by searching a reasons of depressions. (I came to Ireland due that and I find a reason at 2006, where after long searches and long therm discussions with old local Jew we suspected that pains in head could be organic, not psychic origin – later we find that a one muscle over tensed and it is released now. It is difficult to imagine what could happen with me if I should accept treatment with psychotropic drugs or in similar way, like Joanne Whelan. I simply can not to believe that my origin of depression can be mental based, for a reason very simply — all main psychoteraphy ways were know for me – I consumed books and textbooks like a hamster.) Now, I can admit very clear: I should better smash her jaw or left her alone immediatelly. I saw some days later her eyes, mad and crazy eyes, due her desease and again, find that she is OK. Perhaps I was foolish. But the reason is very clear and simply – a love. They changed after some mild words. She invited, again, in very agressive and strange manner, to visit another one restaurant and… we went. Why not? That were permission for a date and I allowed myself to fall into a sense. She behaved with me far away to be nice: a wish to be gently and nice mixed with agression, it were clear that she really suffering and it was necessary were for me to take a position of patience to her. She invited to visit her house and I was happy to see her happy face waiting me on the road against gates. Why I did not fucked her in her bedroom then, I don’t know. The house were very well fitted, not a posh, but there were a one strange feeling when I came – I find that I’m loosing of space control of upper part of room, something very strange phenomena, despite that there vere nothing special in the room, not like, say, in library of Charleville Castle (the best place for a looking of touch with a spirits.) Then we went for a walk to Howth. Nice start. In SFX Theathe I find her swallowing tablets and asked her what is that: “Lithium“, aswered Joanne and I met critical mistake not to assess persons using psychotropic due dangers of that. “She is fucking crazy“ — said Chistopher some months later for me, but it were too late: I was full in love to a Joanne. She liked to manage me and I spinned around in begging what all people want in such kind of situation. I should left to Galway for a month. Then something has happened and despite some weeks of hard work, one night she put me in situation when I can not left off in any other way except like an ashamed freak. Next day, she came with up nose from a glory and arrogance and let me understood that since then I’m nothing. Why? I don’t know. According her, I rejected her for a love, but in realty I simply did not find a force to lift eyes to her due exhaustion and her dual manner of behavior. She were like minevra and very soon my life started changed. I find myself that im loosing control, but in realty, now it is clear for me, that I has began to be consumed slowly. I become an idiot, in simply words and subject of mockery by others. Simply betrayal. Irresponsible, naughty. I simply got to underground. Why, for what? She simply were and is father’s spoilt dougher with a bad manners, poor education. She were North Side girl, about which local folk sayz in jokes: “Two North Side girls jumps ower the clifs. Who wins? – The Society.“ So, that is what Joanne Whelan represented herself from North Side of Dublin. Meeting with her causes only troubles and pains, that is clear, as until age 36 she were not able to create nor family nor born children despite her nice appearance and good psychical condition, she did not change her aptitudes even after her irresponsible behavior bring her to the mental hospital for a several months and years of treatment with psychotropic drugs like “Lithium“. Her interesting inverted mind outside increased possibility to insight several times that could make extremly discomfort and even danger for other people, making impossibility for communications. The worst think when Joanne start to appeal to receive senses: she become danger and unpredictable. She could simply start to compete with you providing that “I am not a fool and smarter than you“ or similar. A society and family should keep responsible for persons like Joanne Whelan warning as a sing of potential danger for everybody. Irresponsible lifestyle, wish to be always happy and have a fun, causes personal tragedies and social disfunctions. These persons becomes mental handicaps in simply words. They like to use a modern communications and took part in information society. But we always should keep in mind and warn others about Joannes Whelan, which even profile photo’s are changed with other persons to change identities and further ‘have a fun by mocking in other people.

And now, receiving tweet for Niamh like this one:

I can answer: “No, I know Joanne.“ And my duty is warn you: all people tries avoid her in real world. And you do that.



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