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For Joanne Whelan

How big is your love
Between you and your dad
One thing makes it insufficient —
Sexual intercourses


Love, Money And Tablets

A short fiction story based on true facts.

A young communist has been rejectd by Joanne’s Whelan father due attitudes as previous ones. He told, that they ‘were not matured’ to become close relatives to her daughter according to his understandings as reprsentative, called himself “Irish burgeose“.Instead of that, he put Joanne on tablets and, later, to mental hospital due provided “laissez faire“. But his daughter has left with him! Father still waits “an offer“. Make your bids, gentelman!

Bad Love

Feeling inavoidable necessity to go into a bed with a father, Joanne Whelan appeared herself into mental hospital. Her father gave OK.

Joanne Whelan’s Dating Style

She asks you to receive a right. After that she tooks that right back. Then steps on your head and, finally, flush you down. That is why she always is alone, ha ha ha ha. She got to the mental hospital for a long time for such kind of tricks, but she did not get improved. She got on the psychotropic tablets for such kind of tricks, but she did not learn any. She might be in risk again, at age of 40-45, when klimax period will start, but she does not think about that any. She is like her father: “does not think about any /even about own children/ when you are doing a million“.

Lions Mane Jellyfish. Find in Dollymount, near Howth, Dublin. A contact with it causes nervious shock and burnings.

Lions Mane Jellyfish. Find in Dollymount, near Howth, Dublin. A contact with it causes nervious shock and burnings.

How Joanne Whelan Become A Mortal Weapon: A Victim Of The Business World


Simply were impossible to understand whats happened then. If Vincent should not make a fantastic efforts to remove me from there to Howth Road closer to Joanne's house, I never should be able to visit her and to understand price of meeting 6 y ago.

After that fatal (serious, not a joke) night in SFX, when Papa Wemba Show almost over, at 2:30 AM, after I did not lift and answered to Joannes invitation for a “pizza until 4 AM (more than sure, that I that “pizza“ should extend until 4 PM if not more) a mysterious and unknown things began to happen. A some of my suspects were posted in previous post about danger contacting with psychotropic users. Then I did not assessed one and probably, the most important, factor in Joannes (and much more – my) tragedy. I felt that somebody’s invisible hand touched me trying to impact me and to make me helpless; I lost possibility of healthy perception, that is – my emotions has disappeared  and kind of paralysis took me: I’m not joking – just look at the photo (right) made three years ago by mine: does I look like a normal person or mentally, pardon, emotionally, sicko? (I will provide my current photo in future for comparing me after my second visit to Whelan’s house – big difference. So, then were strange feeling, that Joanne’s father tries to take me into own hands, but I ignored that sense simply as a person with a clear mind. I did not knew then that I get into touch with Joanne’s father (I was stupid to allow for Joanne to make a my photo, which was issued for her family for “a review“), a person who pulled own daughter into mental hospital and feed her by different poisons, pardon – antidepressants.

Were a serious reason to almost to kill own member of family, where no any lacks? No. Does she has had a organic dysfunctions? No. (Except difficulty to percept world through vision; similarly I has had this trouble for a short time when returned from Central Asia where I resided for a four years to Lithuania – a big climatic changes makes temporary dysfunctions of human perceptors. Joanne, seems, that she were back from Australia, where were for a long time. Sunny Australia’s weather and fucking Dublin’s  climate, where due unknown reasons, projection of self makes stressed ALMOST EVERY come from continent, after first time of excitement. But lets leave a Dublin’s climate (would like to move and hope, that one day will move out) and lets touch another personality of story – Joanne’s father.

A some years ago, after I returned (my fault!) for Uzbekistan to fucking Lithuania, occupied by homosexos and pedophiles under leading of American fuckwit Valdas Adamkus, I should spend couple of years in Lithuania Academy of Science’s Library, where tried to find an answers to a lot questions to problems (now it is obvious that for a most problems solution best might be one – to shot). Depression were the most important one and I spend a lot of time, almost three years by reading dozens of books by Freud, Young, Lacan and their Co. Psychoanalysis, analytical psychotherapy (they differs!), personal psychotherapy by Adler (best paid business in Lithuania, but it manners inside of blood of Irish. That is why a lot of Lithuanian likes Ireland. Me – not.) I did not read some books only about one field of psychology – behavioral psychology. I emphasized that for me, but simply were not a time. That might be an answer for some readers with a question “Why I risked to provide attention for a crazy girl? Did I want simply to consume her or I am crazy as well?“ No. I simply felt that I were enough strong and prepared to provide a hand for Joanne. (But, I must to admit, that I did not assessed a risks getting into close emotional relations with psychotropic treated.) And she were and is fucking nice.

Now, some some words about Joanne’s father. Intelligent, government’s worker. I’m not sure what is his job exactly (it is always possible to find if necessary), but it seems that he his senior business professional working for  the government. And here the most interesting thing appeared for me: what kind of  personal attitudes should possess business professional in his job? Behavioral psychology – a dreadful American invited science working for business and killing people minds. Its major aims could be described easy: how to force people to do what they do not want to do (say, to buy a new shit), how force people not to do what they want to do (say, to stop people to worry about problems that make a risks for their secure living)? Behavioral psychology become a powerful instrument in business decision making and, of course, it might become a brutal instrument in close interpersonal relations (say, family relations). How to stop person to do what he want? How to prevent future efforts to achieve one or another aim that have a direct relation for the own interests? This is scientific invented instrument for business, allowing to crush any unprepared persons mind, if he was not feed with knowledge of formal logic (nobody likes it too much, but is works the best in this case). Fucking behavioral psychology with motivations (why he/she loves? How she/he could fuck me?) could make and makes to destroy of any persons head and most important, senses. Joanne unconsciousnelly attracted fathers knowledge, suitable to use in the hard-talks of business meetings and started to use it in the personal life. She become victim of father’s victim before. That is, how Joanne become a walking evil, what caused later her delivery to mental hospital and later – broke together with father (must to emphasize that) my 5 most beautyfull years when I must to lie in the bed like electroparalyzed  (emotionally paralyzed) fish plenty feed with a money form a social welfare. Moral of the story could be next: do not be a communist when you are dealing with unhappy girls. Nobody will make them happy.  Only theirselfs.

I’m still looking for wife. Seems that Indian girl to be best solution. Moncrieff told on radio unbelievable things about local girls, but it seems that it is truth. Dreadful beasts now are busy in most popular action: how to acquire more men emotions leaving men without nothing. That is, creating men emotional impotents, one of aims behavioral psychology. One of them, Joanne together with father, made that with me with 100 % success (not only with me, dozens were before). One Lithuanian journalist Gabija Luneviciute described me (very non-literally, in Dostoevsky’s one described hero behavior style) as emotional impotent. Ech, what I can do? She simply were very nice. Just unhappy a little bit. Behavioral psychology, implemented for Irish by foreign corporations, are very dangerous stuff.

Hidden Joanne’s Whelan Dangers

A lot of from us knows well how unpleasant are contacts with heroin abducted. A close, friendly type relantions with heroin consumers might cause a serious distress and frustration very quickly and become a tragedy for whole family. I know that from my relations with classmate. Heroin causes mainly central nervs system stimulation, which results an enormous pleasure, compared with sexual in the back spinal brain sphere.

Also, is known well, how serious distress might cause a close cohabiting with hash or marihuana consumers. Hash or marihuana consuming causes a outer shell of brain relaxation that releases concentrated in head tention through evaporation, instead of natural way through blood and capillar system circulation optimisation. Relaxation of outer shell of brain causes impossibility to keep a targeted attention later, in older ages, which results a hyper-sensivity, that became a trouble for consumer and close to consumer persons. UK Health Board recently announced that hash and marichuania to be increased to Class B from Class C. Not without a reason. I has an opportunity some times to live with long time hash and marichuana consumers and can to admit that it is a hell to live with them, despite that their outer appearance and behaviour might seem very quite from at first sight. A solution of troubles could be only one: removing of users for a secure distancy.

These pains of society (or fruits of democracy) are psychotropic stuff. Similarly, like other type of drugs called “antidepressants“. It is not innocent drugs, what might appear from a first sight. All of antidepressants affects brain system. Behaviour of person using antidepressant or antipsychotic drugs become unpredictable from two point of view:

  1. Nobody knows how antidepressant treated person will behave in future. There is no doubt, that his inner pshychic world will not be restored into previous condition; it is simply impossible.
  2. Nobody knows how affects persons contacted for a longer time with antidepresant treated people: no doubt that antidepressant treated patients are affected in similar way like heroin and hash consumers. It is worth to say, that antidepressant treated persons are much more dangerous due unknown dangers mentioned higher.

So, shall we stay secure after close relations with antdidepressant treated patient? From my relations with maniac depression suffering Joanne Whelan, I should accept that no. I like description of depression printed in Times magazine “Depression is a lack of love“. That is a medical description. Depressive persons lacks of human attention and understanding what is almost impossible to get in the Western Europe. They need it as a vital substance to get back into normal condition and regeneration of body. Main problem is that pshychotropic drug causes a very serious and unpredictable changes in pshychic of patient: they behaviour become unpredictable due changes of their condition of inner world or mind. That means, that close relations with drug treated persons should avoided as much as possible, leaving them for a attention of pshichiatrs or pharmachy business bossess or other professional prepared persons. I like mine description of depression that it is “inner oriented aggression“. All what you need is release a concentrated energy in suitable way and form. Change of social environment very often is necessary. If there is no organic reasons, treating of this kind of depression is quite easy, but might complicated in case of start use antidepressants as perception of surrounding world are decreased.

Depression is a big problem, but it might be solved. It is solved by by change attention and position to environment; first at off – relations with closest persons. Blind believing that “magic tablet“ will change all world is irresponsible and funny. Remeber, that heroin were sold in pharmacies of UK, after it were created. Persons accepting to take a first tablet always should note that it might be first nail to own coffin.

As for Joannes Whelan from Howth accident, I must to say one: yes, true, that there are a serious reasons why she got seriously sick. These reasons to be explained later. (The most obvious is improper attention of her father to a daughter, he did not worry about a daughter too much.) But she has had not any organic disfunctins, as her physical condition find in SFX Theatre Production course might be described as very good.

Most important thing is that providing a human attention to antidepressant and psychotic drug treated person, like were with Joanne Whelan accident, very often migh not be reasonable as too late. In such kind of situation, a desease might affect similarly to infection diseases: a contamination is simply possible and resistance to troubled mind could be disrupted due strange changes in patients mind: a very often a person of goodwil might need a phychiatric help as well if he is weak or not reasonably prepared for a such kind of contacts. (I was not able to understand for a long time how my friend were able to define Joannes mind condition as “crazy“, while I only from outer specific appearence’s marks find that she serious suffering from depression. I rember her eyes on one of the first meeting which could cause a big frustration for googlers – similar were printed on photo in one of pshychogy books that I has read in the past with a note “A mania suffered woman“. After some mild words eyes returned to normal condition.) People, offered to use antidepressants or pulling own family members to mental hospitals should always know that later providing reasonable solution could be impossible, or too late. Pshichotropic is not an innocent stuff. It might affect them as well.

Why Joanne Whelan Have Not Children

Well known Joanne Whelan @JoooneBug has mentioned in Tweeter pregnancies. Right, a question might arrive, why Joanne still have no a babies at age of 35, despite to perfect physical data and condition, while Dublin North Side girls usually gets pregnant at age of 16 (latest one) and abortions in Ireland are prohibited? Some reasonable answers might be found. Joanne has born in Sutton which kind of top class residential area (but do not mind that Howth is the same. Perhaps, that is only Howth Summit one.), where pregnant girls were able to reach UK shore for abortion. Perhaps Joanne made abortion and become unable for a pregnancy? I have no a right for such kind of approach.

But I have another explanation, which is more trusty from my point of view.

Joanne is a first child in Whelans family and, of course, most beloved and wanted. It is natural. Irish woman are very fruity (I know personally 2 woman witch 12 children family) and Whelans family become bigger and bigger. Joanne was (!) very attracted to father, and, I more than sure, much more to father than to mother. But, a well know problem arrived later, when Joanne become teenager: she find that father is not able to provide her attention enough for her as before, as a new kids came to the family. She become angry onto father and, she start to try find compensation of fathers attention between Sutton boys. Must mention, that Joanne has born as a very strong kid. Finally, she got into closed circle in finding father attention outside the house. As result, specific pattern has been created between Joanne-father-teenager boys behavior. Joanne become addicted to boys, which become a second father, father become quiet and boys, of course, always happy. Nobody explained Joanne about family basics. Her behavior formed something like that father and father-second part in face of boys and total feeling security of life were find. Joanne never created strong bonds with her boyfriends, as he find that it is not necessary – she was fully and well sustained by father, which does not paid too much attention for daughter about personal issues, bet well feed her by money. There is a big suspect that Joannes father were not interested in strong daughter’s relations with man due envy; I should call that envy “Fritzl Syndrome“. Some time later crisis came – Joanne find again that father is not able to provide attention necessary for mature girl and no continuing attention source were made for personal life: one night adventures were not capable to solve mental needs. She become a girl seeking something with not clear understanding what that something is for. As result, she was repelled by men society and crisis came to the life. The last one chance to create strong relations, which were vital necessary for her, was effort to create relations with me, which, again were rejected in rude manner, then natural regression began, and for Joanne has left only one chance to find a friend in more and more younger age group men – the last her boyfriend seen by mine were age of 18-20; now she studying in college of further education where again, mainly 16-20 y youngsters. Will she able create family from youngsters from such kind of age group? Perhaps. But will she able to birth a baby at age 35 y? Doubt.

The brutal realty of life that when we creating perspectives of own life, we very often forget about most important factor of life – a time.

From Monteverdi's opera "Il ritorno d'Ulisse di patria"

From Monteverdi's opera "Il ritorno d'Ulisse di patria"