A Cow of Kellehers

She looks like a cow. She is one of these State funded solicitors, who get fat from sending criminals to prison. Forgetting that every defendant is a client, that is – money, she starts to mock – from a good life – to money. Being in Court for her as well as working on a case – it is a subject of happy life, or “how to have a fun“ question. Everywhere. In all circumstances. A pig! She is the one of the kellehers, who proudly lives well from each person locked in prison.
A bitch of kellehers Leanora Frawley
Never use “Kelleher & O’Doherty Solicitors“! Always mind, that M. Kelleher advertised own earned million in “The Irish Times“ at 2010, while Mount Joy has got overcrowded. “Kelleher & O’Doherty Solicitors“ also are responsible for that.


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  1. Posted spalio 2, 2012 at 20:28 | Permalink | Atsakyti

    I have no doubt now that Frawley uses or had used in past light drugs.

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